Acuity Designs Endorses Remove Malware

malwareIf your WordPress website is hacked, the attackers may inject a type of malware that gives them access to your site creating a backdoor for entry thus increasing the lifespan of an attack. Hackers then have control of your compromised website which allows them to bypass the regular authentication methods. Even if your theme and plugins are updated and passwords changed, they still have access for a profitable malware campaign. This could possibly be a serious infringement of your personal data. At Acuity Designs, we experienced this problem.

The first company we contacted had inexperienced technicians who had difficulty locating the malware because it was encrypted or encoded throughout the site, or possibly in a file system or database. We learned if a site is cleaned up and just one backdoor is missed, the site will get reinfected. Generally, this type of malware is difficult to remove if you are not familiar with manually checking all the files to make sure they are clean.

We were fortunate to find the experts at RemoveMalware who are experienced in locating and manually analyzing websites to locate all the backdoors, removing the malware and restoring your website quickly and efficiently for an affordable one time fee. Their work is guaranteed with outstanding customer service. Do not hesitate to contact this WordPress malware removal expert.